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Posted on January 6, 2013 at 8:45 AM


Vastu Vidya is one of the most sacred vidya of ancient Indian knowledge. The word 'Vastu' means 'dwell' and vidya means science, so vastu vidya means science related to designing and building houses.

Vastu principles bring not only prosperity into home but also peace and love. Vastu Shastra is directed at harmonising external space with internal space within man. According to Vastu, the external and the internal are interchangeable because the underlying energies that govern the elements such as wind or fire, are the same as those that control the organs of the human body.Our ancient sages saw the influence of cosmic energies on living beings. They found that various energies that move around us in a particular pattern could be harnessed such that they resonated positively with the individual beings to make their lives meaningful and harmonious.

Vastu realigns the home with cosmic priciples such as solar energy, the movement of the celestial spheres, the magnetic field of the earth, gravity and the influence of the moon and sun. It offers a holistic approach to design houses. Although, the art of Vastu is ancient but it is relevant to-day as it was thousand years ago. It has universal application and is not confined to a particular climate or hemisphere.

Vastu Shastra advice should be solicited while selecting a plot or a house, building a house or carrying out renovations, additional construction, expansion, restructuring of the house, ship or office. Vastu correction can be helpful if you are facing problems like low sales, low profits, dispute, accidents in your office, factory nor shop or when you are facing problems like ill-health, marital problems, poor career growth and disturbances of the family peace in your home.

Many people live in rented homes and apartments and have absolutely no choice in making any structural changes. The vastu shastra can be helpful even to those people by making simple corrections and changes in the interior of the house leading to better energy flow and prosperity in house. The balancing of the primary elements of Nature within and around the house isdone by proper placement of furniture, water bodies, electrical and electronic gadgets, relocating doors with the help of mirror and wooden screens.

Vastu is for the betterment of mankind and brings love, peace and prosperity within a home. Vastu is much more relevant to-day than it was ever before. As man recedes from peace and happiness due to the modern, fast paced and stressful lifestyle, he is realising that the path to real happiness lies in the age old widom of ancient India.

If the various activities in a house, shop, office or industry are directionally channelised as per principle of vastu-shastra, we begin to draw power from Nature in a natural way. Once the immence force of the nature begins to support us, all our objectives are fulfilled in easy, spontaneously and effortless manner.

Acharya Ajay Mohan Lal

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