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The bed room and bed are very important areas of the home and if it is not according to the vastu principles, then it can create disharmony and can break relationship. The other thing which should be given due importance is location of your bed room in the house.

One should not have the bed room in the south-east direction of the house.The south-east is the fire zone (Agni Koon) and sleeping here causes friction and clashes in the relationship. The problems between the couple multiply and disputes get intensified. The best position of the bed room is in the south-west, south, west or between north and north west. If the room from south east zone cannot be changed, then neutralize the negative effect by placing green plants or use green colour on walls or furnishings.

The other thing which is also important is the quality of the bed. The queen size bed serves to be ideal size and two people can sleep comfortably and keeps the couple close. The king size bed may be too big and can create distance between the couple. Any bed which is too small can create tension in the relationship by being too claustrophobic. Box beds are ideally not recommended due to splitted effect but due to paucity of space, they become unavoidable. For couple facing marital disharmony, it is recommended to use a double bed with a single mattress. You can stitch up the seams to make the mattress appear as a single unit. Another remedy is to get a foam fitted red sheet of the size of the bed and cover the whole bed with the sheet. You can place red durrie under the mattress. This is also good remedy if you feel that your relationship is lacking in passion. This also raises your enery level and is helpful if you feel plagued by depression, weakness or lethargy

The area under the bed must be kept clean as dirt and dust give a lot of negativity. Shoes, slipper etc must not be kept under the bed. Sort out things kept in the box-bed from time to time. Another cause of the problem between the couple is when the stove in the kitchen faces the sink. You can solve this issue by hanging a round facet crystal ball between the stove and the water source.

Donot sleep under the beam. Beams running lengthwise down the bed are believed to create marital disharmony and drive the couple apart. Remedy this by hanging two crossed bamboos flutes from the beam with their faces down. Objects, paintings and pictures which are associated with happy memories for the couple should be displayed in the south-west direction of the room. A pair of doves or swams is regarded as a symbol of love, romance and fidelity.

The south-west is zone for power and it also governs love, luck, romance and family happiness. You can hang a wind chim with a crystal in the south-west corner of your bedroom. Donot keep television in a room and cover the television screen with cloth in the night. Make sure that pointed objects like nails, iron spikes or sharp edge furniture are not pointed towards the bed. Remove all the clutter, unnecessary objects and old cloths from the houses. Refuse like garbage, dustpins, brooms etc must be moved out of sight. Objects like hanging electricity cables or broken glass out side the main door create disharmony in all relationships. Last but not the least, donot keep an open 'mandir' in the bedroom.

If unfortunately you have had a broken marriage or a broken relationship, get rid of the marriage bed and used linen and start any new relationship a fresh. It is better that you wipe out all negative associations and memories for the new relationship to blossom.

Acharya Ajay Mohan lal


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The presence of children are essential in home. Children fill a house with live, happiness and laughter. In case one is willing to start family and is facing any problem, then it would be desirable to have close look at one's surroundings.

Any defects in North-East of house or the plot on which house is constructed affect the children. A cut in the North-East, heavy construction on North-East or toilet in North-East direction may give bad results. North-East direction should be kept clean, clutterfree and lower than the South-West for healthy children.

1. A North-West bed room is the ideal direction for bed room for newly married couple, desiring of family.

2. The placement of mirrors in the bed room should be such that they donot reflect the bed or cover the mirror with cloth.

3. Use colours such as lilac, peach, mint or white to brighten the bed room.

4. Keep fresh flower or fruits especially pomergranates which is symbol of fertility in a room.

5. The attached toilets doors must be kept shut and toilet seats cover down.

6. The wife should sleep on the left side of the husband.

7. The foot of the bed should not directly face the door of the room.

8. The bed should not be under the beam and sharp object like the edge of the table or cabinet or the wall corner are not pointed towards the bed.

9. The head of the couple should be towards the South or East direction. Sleeping with the head towards north is totally prohibited.

10. After conception, the couple should move towards southern direction. It is important for safe continuation of the pregnancy.


Acharya Ajay Mohan Lal

Golden Rules of Vastu-Shastra for purchase of land

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1. Land which is fertile, has good quality soil & sweet smell is considered auspicious for construction.

2. Square and rectangular plots are best. For rectangular plots,length of plot should not be more than twice its breadth.

3. Avoid irregular shapes as far as possible. Avoid plots in shape of triangle, circle or oval and other irregular shapes.

4. Avoid buying land that is to the south-west, south, west and souh-east of your plot.

5. Avoid purchasing a smaller plot in between two bigger plots.

6.The plot should have slope towards north or east or north east to ensure all round prosperity and health.

7. Avoid proximity to religious places, factories, near burial grounds and cemeteries.

8. Sites with a growth towards north-east are auspicious.

9. North and east-facing plots are considered good for residential purposes.

10 West-facing plots are good for commercial purposes.

11 South-facing plots are considered good for commercial establishment dealing in food and entertainment business.

12 'Gurmukhi' plots are good for residential purposes.

13 'Sher-mukhi' plots are good for commercial purposes.

14 A temple in front, side or back of the plot is inauspicious especially if its shadow falls on the plot or building.

15 No high tension wire should pass above the plot.

16 'Vedha' like big tree, electronic poles or protruding corner of another house or building should not be directly opposite the site or house.

17 Plots which face a T-junction or Y-junction are considered inauspicious as these roads pont at the plot with lot of concentrated energy.

Acharya Ajay Mohan Lal


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Vastu Vidya is one of the most sacred vidya of ancient Indian knowledge. The word 'Vastu' means 'dwell' and vidya means science, so vastu vidya means science related to designing and building houses.

Vastu principles bring not only prosperity into home but also peace and love. Vastu Shastra is directed at harmonising external space with internal space within man. According to Vastu, the external and the internal are interchangeable because the underlying energies that govern the elements such as wind or fire, are the same as those that control the organs of the human body.Our ancient sages saw the influence of cosmic energies on living beings. They found that various energies that move around us in a particular pattern could be harnessed such that they resonated positively with the individual beings to make their lives meaningful and harmonious.

Vastu realigns the home with cosmic priciples such as solar energy, the movement of the celestial spheres, the magnetic field of the earth, gravity and the influence of the moon and sun. It offers a holistic approach to design houses. Although, the art of Vastu is ancient but it is relevant to-day as it was thousand years ago. It has universal application and is not confined to a particular climate or hemisphere.

Vastu Shastra advice should be solicited while selecting a plot or a house, building a house or carrying out renovations, additional construction, expansion, restructuring of the house, ship or office. Vastu correction can be helpful if you are facing problems like low sales, low profits, dispute, accidents in your office, factory nor shop or when you are facing problems like ill-health, marital problems, poor career growth and disturbances of the family peace in your home.

Many people live in rented homes and apartments and have absolutely no choice in making any structural changes. The vastu shastra can be helpful even to those people by making simple corrections and changes in the interior of the house leading to better energy flow and prosperity in house. The balancing of the primary elements of Nature within and around the house isdone by proper placement of furniture, water bodies, electrical and electronic gadgets, relocating doors with the help of mirror and wooden screens.

Vastu is for the betterment of mankind and brings love, peace and prosperity within a home. Vastu is much more relevant to-day than it was ever before. As man recedes from peace and happiness due to the modern, fast paced and stressful lifestyle, he is realising that the path to real happiness lies in the age old widom of ancient India.

If the various activities in a house, shop, office or industry are directionally channelised as per principle of vastu-shastra, we begin to draw power from Nature in a natural way. Once the immence force of the nature begins to support us, all our objectives are fulfilled in easy, spontaneously and effortless manner.

Acharya Ajay Mohan Lal