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What is Saadhe Saati ?

Posted on December 30, 2012 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)


 It is seen among astrologer that Saturn's transit is considered bad except in 3,6 & 11 houses from Moon. The concept of Saadhe Saati is invariably taken as evil influence for all lagnas and rashis.



When Saturn transit, 12th, 1st& 2nd house from one's natal Moon, it is called Saadhe Saati. As Saturn takes 2.1/2 years  in one's house, it takes 7.1/2 years in total in these 3houses. The effect of Saadhe Saati and Dhaiya on individual is good or bad depends on the placement of other planets in the birth chart. In my experience, I have  found that Shri H. N.Katwe, a very original astrologer of Maharastra had a theory, which gives more accurate results compared to the results of standard “ Saadhe Saati” based on entry of Saturn in transit into the sign before the natal Moon sign and its exit for the sign next to natal Moon. According to Shri H. N. Katwe (a Maharastrian Astrologer) to  calculate the Saadhe Saati, first note the natal Moon's degree, then substract 45 degreesfrom Moon's degree and then add 45 degrees to the natal Moon's degree, so thisOrb will be beginning and ending points of the Saadhe Saati in one's horoscope i.e. Saadhe Saati begins when Saturn is 45 degrees behind Moon and ends when it crosses 45 degrees beyond Moon.

 We should also judge the houses in which the Saadhe Saati is taking place. Planets and naksahatras which theSaadhe Saati influences should also be considered. Dending upon that good and bad results can be analysed.

Dhaiyyas is a period of 2.1/2 years which Saturn takes to transit through a sign. When Saturn transits through asign 4th from the the natal Moon, it is called “ Ardha – Ashtam”andwhen it transits through the sign 8th from the natal Moon, it iscalled “ Ashtam Shani”


  • Signification of Lordship of Moon, Saturn and houses (where the Saadhe Saati is taking place)activates during Saadhe Saati.
  • When the transitof other planets (preferably of major planets) are favourable along with dasha,“Saadhe Saati” cannot be adverse inspite of weak transit of saturn.
  • Ill effects ofSaadhe Saati are controlled if strong jupiter and Maha dasha lord in transitprotect the Moon by aspect or conjunction.
  • Ill effects arealso minimized if the Saturn is transiting over its exaltation sign, own signor friend's house.


Mangal or Kuja Dosha

Posted on December 4, 2012 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (109)

The oldest and sacred institution which has undergone maximum changes in its form, style and durability is that of 'marriage'. Changes in the marriage are very rapid, amazing and astonishing and the people are whispering that thedefinition of marriage should be changed. In ancient time, the marriage was very sacred and was known as “GRIHASTHA ASHRAMA”, it has come down to age of free sex, where two persons can live together, enjoy sex without owning any ofthe responsibilities. Nowadays, marriages are broken very easily whereas earlier days, it was very difficult to break marriage. People have attributed this to the changing pattern of modern society but our saints have said that the real reasons could be found in the compatibility between the horoscopes - because of not matching horoscopes and due care is not taken of Mangal or Kuja Dosha. Our saints have said that Mangal Dosha gives an indication that theremay be marital discord and if proper care is taken, then the number of problems of married life could be avoided.


Some people believe that why match the horoscope when marriages are made in heaven. If it is so, then why do we hear of divorce/broken marriage etc? Undoubtedly, we get an indication in the horoscopeof the shape, the future may take from the constraints imposed by the Almightyor our Karmas from previous birth.



Mars occupying 1,2,4,7,8,12, housed counted from lagna, moon and venus is said to cause “Mars Dosha” (Sage Prasaraomits 2nd  but others omit 1st house) without aspect or combination of natural benefics. Mars in 2,4,12 meansordinary dosha but in 7 and 8, it is grave and much greater. If Mars Doshas are found in both horoscope, the evil is neutralised.

The Dosha is considered weak when it exist from lagna, a little stronger from the Moon and more powerful from Venus.Mangal Dosha gets cancelled if it is there in the horoscope of both, the bride and bridegroom.



1st HOUSE - Mars aspect of 4th, 7th & 8th houses fully which govern domestic and married happiness and so influence these factors very badly.

2nd HOUSE -  Mars here effect wealth and family leading to cheating and violence between husband and wife. It can leads to unnatural sex,causing agony.

4th HOUSE -  Mars may cause disagreement between husband and wife and may create disharmony in home or cause interference by parents in law.

7th HOUSE - Quarrels leading to misunderstanding, bad for character of spouse.

8th HOUSE - May effect the longevity of the spouse. 'Maraka' for spouse. Life marred by quarrel.

12th HOUSE - May increase expenses on litigation, illiticit relationship the spouse. May effect bed pleasure.


1.  If Mars is in 1,4,7,8 and 12, and Jupiter is in 1,4,7,9,10, then there is no Kuja Dosha.

2. Mars in Leo in Lagna, Mars in scorpio in 4th, in capricorn in 7th, inthe 8th in Cancer or in the 12th in Sagitarius, also does not cause Kuja Dosha.

3. Mars exalted, own house, in Sun's house (Leo), Sagitarius and Pisces, in Cancer, causing Kuja Dosha is not so destructive.

4. According to one school of thought if Mars is aspected by Jupiter, Kuja Dosha vanishes.

5. The Moon in kendra or Moon-Mars togather give no kuja Dosha.

6. Benefics in 1,4,5,7,9,10 and malefic in 3,6,8,11 cancel kuja Dosha.

7. The Moon and Venus in 2nd house, Mars with Jupiter or Jupiter fully aspecting Mars, Rahu in Kendra, Mars and Rahu togather in any Bhava donot give rise to Kuja Dosha.

8. If Jupiter bestrong, Venus be in lagna or the 7th, Kuja Dosha is destroyed.

9. If in the other horoscope, Saturn is in 1,4,7,8,12, Kuja Dosha is cancelled.

10. If any strongmalefic plant is in thhe same house of the female chart in which Mars is postedin male chart, Kuja Dosha is cancelled.

11. The last and themost important factor is the order of Dasha and Antar-Dasha that followsmarriage. The transit positions in future are also important.