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The festival of Maha Shivratri is celebrated with great religious fervour all over India. This festival has a great importance in the lives of Hindus, especially Shiva followers who await this spiritual night every year. On the 14th New Moon of Maagha (Hindu month of Jan. & Feb.) and Phalgun ( Hindu month of Feb. & March.) as per the Hindu Calender on the Chaturdashi of Krishnapaksha. Mahashivratri falls on the 14th day of every lunar month, the day before the Amavasya or new Moon is referred to as Shivratri of the twelve shivratris, that occur in the calender year, the one that occurs in the lunar month is called Mahashivratri because it is most powerful.

Puranas associate the origin of this day with different events, some associate Mahashivratri as a night when lord Shiva did Tandava, other associate it as the when he drank the poisonous drink "HALAHAL" and came to be known as "NEELKANTH". There are others who believe it as the night when he got married to Goddess Parvati while some believe it as a birth day of Lord Shiva when he came in the form of lingam.

The main rituals involve purification, virtue and enlightenment.

It starts with bathng the lingam with milk, curd, honey, ghee and water. Later, the leaves of Bel fruits, betel leaves, flowers and fruit like dhaturas and baer are placed around lingam.

Sandalwood paste is applied on the lingam.

Incense sticks and/or dhoop are burt along with ghee lamp.

 Hymns and mantras are recited which are concluded with Shiva arti.


Thesignificance of this festival is beneficial to married and unmarried women and all those who want to fulfill their desires. Many devotees keep fast on this day till 6 A.M. till next day and start their day with the worship of Lord Shiva.

The other thing which is important is the procedure of fasting where you can have saatvik food lke sabudana,phalahaar, bhang, thandai, for dinner. Wearing a rudraksha mala is considered to be very auspicious as rudraksha beads are supposed to have been originated from the tears of Lord Shiva.

There is constant recitation of " OM NAMAH SHIVYA" and "MAHAMRITYUNJAY" Jap


Keeping fast and worshipping the lingam after taking bath grants the blessing of Lord Shiva and the person is said to achieve "MOKSHA". The worshpping of Lord Shiva helps in attaining liberation from all past sins and awakens spiritually. It helps in stengthening the body, mind and soul & guiding us towards enlightenment and happiness. This day marks the union of SHIVA and SHAKTI, the Godess of Energy.

Acharya Ajay Mohan Lal. 

Astrology - Science - Karma - Us

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Before I explain what is Astrology or Jyotish I must make it clear that astrology is not an art of fortune – telling as understood. In fact, it is a divine science which has come to us as a gift from the GOD.

Astrology is a branch of Veda(Vedanga) with the aid of which it is possible to know about all the past and future events by considering the position of lagna (Ascendant) and the planets at birth or at the time of putting a query. Astrology has three broad divisions– namely – SIDDAHANTA, SAMHITA, and HORA

Siddhanta deals with astronomical side of the science.

Samhita with the world events.

And Hora with horoscopy of human and animate objects.

Astrology is a divine science and we must study it with apious mind and with faith and always start the study after offering prayer to God – Ganapathi- the god of knowledge. If you have no faith in what you have to learn, your studies will prove fruitless. One should, while learning astrology,have faith in it and one who goes to consult an astrologer, should go with faith in him.

 It is said that on the sixth day (Chathi) from the birth of a native, the 'Beay Mata' (Goddess of luck who is said to besent by Lord Brahma) comes in the night and writes the future of the native onhis forehead. In India, on this day, special ceremonies such as holy bath of the mother and child are arranged, decent clothes are presented to the child from maternal side or in some cases from thef ather's sister of the native. Gifts are offered to Brahmin. The Brahim does the Naamkaran Sanskara. A name is given to the native on the basis of the Pada(Quarter) of the constellation.

The Astrologer can only peep into the future of the native through the great science “ASTROLOGY”. A proper horoscope is cast for the birthtime of the native. The reading about the futureof the native through this horoscoper can be done by an astrologer.The longitudes of the planets and ascendanthas inner relativity amongst them. Each planet has its own effect on the life of the native. THe strong planet has more effect than the weaker planet. The strength of the planets and their good or bad effects are also influenced/modified by the association, conjunction and aspects of otherplanets. In this relativity of the planets is hidden the future of the native. A horoscope is a 'picture' showing the position of the planets in the sky at the time of the birth of the native. Most of the life events are predestined and depend upon the 'Karma' (deeds) of the past life.                                                                                                                    

According to Sanatam Dharma, the soul is immortal.

Gita 2/12

“ Lord Krishna said to Arjuna that all souls including his own were present in past and will also be present infuture.”


Gita 2/22

“ The soul leaves old body and enters a new body in the same way as the man puts on new clothes and leaves the old ones.”


“Birth unceasing ! Death Unceasing!

Ever to pass through mother's womb!

The soul takes birth and dies, again takes birth, remaining in the womb of the mother where he suffers the “ jathar– Agni” (heat of womb).

Itis said while in the womb, the “soul” suffer all sort of trobles and is inuncomfortable position.

 It is thus clear that there exists a relation between the past birth and the present one. The soul carries with it a balance-sheet of its karmas, showing the assets and liabilities of the deeds done in the past birth/births -known as 'sanchit karma” (accumulated results ofthe good or bad deeds.). Out of these 'Sanchit Karma', the results of the some Karma are allotted to present birth and are known as prarabdha (the luck, future life events to take place or destined incident etc). The native is to bear with the results of these  'Karma'and cannot be changed (Dridh Karamphala & Adridha Karamphala) - karmas that native is free to do according to his free will. He is also free todo karmas in the present birth of which he may or maynot enjoy the fruitsduring the present birth. The results of the karmas of the present birth may beenjoined in future births.

“ The person should only do his (karma)duty/action and should not worry for the results. He has a right to do action but not in enjoying the fruits of the deeds. Even while dong the action, he should not have any attachment but to do nishkam karma ( to work hard butnot for results. He should do his duty only)

The human birth is defined as karma yoni ( the soul has taken birth to do some action/deeds etc. Every action is followed by the reaction which may not be immediate as it is possible on physical plane. It is not sure when or what the results will be, it may be immediately or it may be after ashort period or after many years or even in next birth.

Astrologer are supposed to understandthe theory “ birth and rebirth” i.e. Karma theory. Man is doing most of his action under the influence of planetary disposition. He himself also acts with ego in him, for the fulfilment of his greeds etc and to commit disastrous mistakes. He advises others to take precaution and to do the remedial measureto mitigate bad effect of planets but himself will be entrapped in trouble.

 Every one knows:-

“One can do one's duty, Results-good or bad, gains or losses, life or death and fame or defame are in the hands of God.”

Still ignorant people donot follow these instructions or warnings of sages in practical life. They act egoistically to save false image and to suffer results of bad actions.

Karmas known as “prarabdha” are revealed by the horoscope. To read horoscope and till about the events that arelkely to take place during the life of the native is the task of “astrologer”.Here I would like to give my own view that the horoscope does not depict“prarabdha” only, it shows complete balance-sheet of our past karmas known as 'sanchit karmas'.

In classical texts, sages have given principles to interpret from planetary combination etc, facilitating us to knowabout the past, present and also the future of native from birth chart. An astrologer should be thoroughly aware of the methods to predict events that are likely to take place during the life of the native. For this, he can take help from transitory positions of planets, dashas, birth charts, divisionalcharts, varshaphal etc, given by sages and learned astrological savants.

The readers may accept my humble submission and views on this great science. I request them to send their views for the sake of improving the quality of my future astrological work. I am a sincere student of Astrology who is very keen to learn this science. On the basis of my past experience, I have launched this website.