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We face various questions and deal with challenges in our day to day life. Right from young age, where we take important decisions regarding education and career which shape our future professional life, to maturity,where we make important investment decisions, entertain thoughts to take loans and nuture dreams or aspire to travel and live better. Sometimes we also find ourselves in unfortunate & undesirable situations and destiny plays a cruel role. In all times, good or bad, astrological advice help us make the best out of the circumstances. Consult us to tackle your problems in life, whether be it education, career, health or  other personal issues.

Match Making

Matching for marriage is not easy as it is considered. The longitivity of the bride and groom, position of Mars in horoscope, domestic comforts, the eigth Kootas, widow(er)hood, etc are all considered when looking for an ideal match. Moreover, the stability of marriage does not depend only on quality of matching, it is also related to 'Desha – Kaala – Patra'  i.e. the place where one is living, the time and the person with his samskaras behind him

Good match making requires an expert astrologer and we specialize in match making. Consult us on for a comprehensive analysis of a marriage prospect. 

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In the words of Billy Graham, “We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.” On this website, I blog about my research, experience and knowledge on various subjects within Astrology. Read on to learn about Astrology and my take on the beautiful science.

- Archarya Ajay Mohan Lal

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